10. Dezember 2010

Playing ice golf on lake Mälaren

This is how lake Mälaren near Stockholm looks this morning:

Unfortunately the ice is still too thin and has to many cracks to be safe. However I have seen skaters already passing by the house. But you must have a lot of experience and the right equipment to do so. I am impatient for the ice to become thicker, because what I really want to do is go out and play some ice golf. When you have a couple of centimetre of snow on the ice, it is perfect for chipping and pitching. With no snow, the ball jumps like crazy and never stops and with too much snow the ball just disappears. We have been playing out on the ice a lot two years ago, when the conditions were perfect. 

We called it the Kallhäll Icegolf Open. It is a real open tournament, everyone can qualify and participate. The only requirement is to be in the Stockholm area on short notice when the ice is perfect to play. And bring some coloured balls. Finally here is a video of one of the more difficult holes where all the danger is in the right of the fairway.

Whenever we have the chance to play this year, I will take some videos and pictures and post them.

(c) all pictures: Der Exilgolfer


  1. Mit welchen Schneehöhen müsst ihr auf dem See rechnen? In Finnland wo wir immer zum Langlauf sind/waren, kannst du das vergessen - Schnee bis zur Hüfte. ;)

    bis denne

  2. Anfang 2010 hatten wir auch mehr als einen Meter, dann geht natürlich nichts mehr. Am besten sind 3 oder 4cm, dann stoppt der Ball schnell nach ein paar kleinen Sprüngen und man kann ihn noch sehen.