19. Februar 2011

Golf Swing Lesson with Daniel Bäck and V1 Golf for iPad

Swedish Pro Daniel Bäck and I are testing the new V1 Golf mobile app and he is giving me some free advice for my swing along the way. The app is a great way of reviewing your golf swing, especially, if your pro is working with V1 Sports as well. I take my videos with a high speed Casio Exilim at 120 fps and send them to Daniel with the help of the app. He can review them and send his comments right back, all within the app.

It is also possible to draw your own lines in videos and there is a huge library of swings from professional golfers, that one can compare the swing with. But so far, nothing has beaten Daniels sound advice.

Here is Daniel's latest video, which I like a lot, because my swing has improved a little bit over the winter practise and I believe one can see the difference. Now all I have to do is wait, to bring all the practise to the golf course and see what happens then.


  1. Ich habe mir das Golfapp jetzt auch mal für mein Hallofon geholt. Wie nimmst du die Filme mit deinem Handy auf bzw. wie befestigst du dein Handy zum aufnehmen?

    bis denne

  2. Ich nehme nicht das Handy, sonder eine Kamera mit Stativ. Ansonsten kenne ich ein paar Leute, die haben eine kleine "Stativ-Klemme" gekauft, die sie am Bag befestigen. Ich habe mein Handy aber auch schon zwischen zwei Schlägern im Bag balanciert...
    Geht alles.