23. Februar 2011

Help Exilgolfer to win some new Mizuno clubs

The German branch of the Mizuno Cooperation started a nice Facebook Fan Page and they also have a little competition going on right now. 
I would like to ask you, my readers, for about 20 seconds of your time and help me to win some nice new Mizuno Clubs.

- Please go to the Mizuno Germany Facebook page by clicking here. Then "Like" that page.
 - Afterwards you click on my picture in the competition. Click here for easy access to the pic. "Like" my picture of me playing on the ice in Sweden as well and then you are done.

Thanks a lot. If I win, I will think of something nice to return the favour.


  1. Für die unentschlossenen hier noch eine Alternative...


  2. Deine Stimme kriege ja wohl hoffentlich jetzt!

  3. Und ich dachte, Du wärst gar nicht bei Facebook ... Danke.