16. Dezember 2011

Best golf courses in Sweden 2011

Here are the Top10 of Golf Digest's pick for the best golf courses in Sweden:

1. Bro Hof Slott GC, The Stadium Course
2. Barsebäck G & CC, Masters Course
3. Halmstad GK, Norra
4. Vasatorp, Tournament Course
5. Visby GK
6. Frösåker G & CC
7. Ljungshusen GK
8. PGA of Sweden National, Lakes Course
9. Bro Hof Slott GC, The Castle Course

10. Hills GC

No. 1 in Sweden: Bro Hof Slott Castle Course
(Picture: Bro Hof Slott)
First impressions? Congratulations to Bro Hof Slott, defending the title year after year and now having Castle Course in the Top10 also. Frösåker (last year at 15) is a new entry at the top of the list. What happened to Falsterbo this year? They were 4th last year and now are out of Top10. 

We will look at this in more detail, when I have the entire list of the Top50.

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