3. Januar 2012

The advantage of starting golf early

Happy new year to everyone. I start this year in my blog with two videos from my 3 old son. He got a new driver for his birthday back in October and really wanted to try it out. So we went to the nearby beach and hit some balls. And of course proud daddy is taking some videos and showing them for your pleasure.

No matter how much he will play golf in the future or how good he might become. One thing I know for sure, he will be a great ball striker and have a natural rhythm and timing. He's got it from his mom. I started golf only a few years ago as an adult and it is very hard to say the least. For him it is just natural.

But have a look for yourself.

And no, we don't tell him anything about the grip, the stance and the backswing, not even about Stack&Tilt ;-)
Probably not for the next couple of years. He figures that out all by himself, just from watching other kids and us (mom of course, not dad!).


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