1. April 2012

Rewriting golf history? Is Sweden the real "Home of Golf"?

Watch out St. Andrews - the vikings are coming (again)! The city of Sigtuna in Sweden might be running for the title "Home of Golf". The city, 50km north of Stockholm, has more than a thousand years of history. Now archaeologists found what seems to be a golf course at excavations last fall, that itself is about one thousand years old.

A source close to the production company, that is shooting several different films for 'Destination Sigtuna', gave me a copy of this one. In this particular video Anders Wikström, head of the Sigtuna Museum, is describing what they have found and why they believe it is a golf course. I hurried up to translate what was said and added subtitles.

Here is the video, exclusively for my readers, that could scare some folks in Scotland. I believe, that the officials in Sigtuna have not really understood how big this thing could become in the golf world.

Please go to my friend Gene Oberto from Swedish Golf Online and read his story about the findings. I shared the video with him, because he is an expert in the history of golf and knows a lot more about those things than I do. He assessment is rather interesting. 

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