9. Januar 2015

Tiger Woods does not own that island in Sweden

Some stories are to good to be true. This is one of them...

It is difficult to tell, where it originally came from, there are so many articles out there by now. But it is rather easy to say, that it is not true. 

TIGER WOODS DOES NOT OWN THAT ISLAND. And he never has. Maybe he owns another one, who knows. But this one here is not a story. Or maybe it is a story, but a different one and certainly one, that would not be of interest of the worldwide media. 

The real story is more simple and almost a bit boring. The island belongs to Kurt Eriksson, a Swedish millionaire, that bought it in 2006 for 3,5 Mio. Swedish Crowns (approx. 440.000 USD). All buildings on the island are from him, built with the goal to sell it again. It first came out on the market in spring 2011 with a price of 75 Mio. Crowns (approx. 9,5 Mio USD). No one wanted to buy it and now he is trying again with a substantially lower price. You can read the entire story here. It is in Swedish, but Google translate is your friend.

That's it. End of story. Good PR though for the seller. 

Update: GolfDigest and SBNation have updated their stories. I am curious about the statement from the realtor, that made the statement.  

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