26. Januar 2016

The Swedish Golf Federation welcomes footgolf as a new discipline

The full press release of the Swedish Golf Federation today:
The Swedish golf family is broadened when footgolf – a hybrid between soccer and golf – becomes an official sport within the Swedish Golf Federation.
As the first golf association in the world, the Swedish Golf Federation (SGF) has decided to include footgolf as a discipline within its organisation. In footgolf, the objective is to kick a ball from tee to hole in as few kicks as possible. The game follows many of the common rules of golf, but with a size 5 football and a bigger hole.
– We are extremely excited to expand our organisation with the growing game of footgolf. It creates a new way into the game of golf which can be promoted in new places and to entirely new audiences. In addition, footgolf provides a great opportunity for golf clubs to expand their offer and increase their income, said SGF's Deputy General Secretary Bo Bengtsson.
– There are natural synergies between footgolf and the regular activities on a golf course, as footgolf with few modifications can be played on the existing golf course and be practiced by individuals who have no prior knowledge of the game. Footgolf can also easily be combined with our Golf Adventure training concept with three types of short range courses, average 30, 50 and 100 meters, for children, continues Bo Bengtsson.
SGF has applied to and received membership in the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG), where now 36 countries are represented. SGF thereby takes national responsibility for the game of footgolf in Sweden and will work towards broadening the sport by encouraging existing golf clubs to build footgolf courses, promoting arrangements of national competitions and providing information and guidelines for the sport.
– As a footgolfer and course designer I am thrilled that the Swedish Golf Federation as the first golf association in the world has decided to include footgolf, says Tommy Svensson, one of the initiators of the sport in Sweden. Everyone knows how to kick a football and the simple concept of the game makes footgolf well positioned to become both popular and widespread. There is a fast growing international interest and I look forward to further develop the sport in Sweden with SGF as a strong organisation behind it.
Picture: Tommy Svensson (CC license)

What are your thoughts? Is this a reasonable extension? If you consider, that the members of the golf federations are the golf clubs and NOT the golfers, it makes more sense to me. If footgolf is played on golf courses, they can generate more income. I don't believe golfers and footgolfers have much in common though and that people will start playing footgolf just to pick up "real" golf later. Nevertheless, this move is something "out of the box" from a federation, that traditionally is not moving a lot... I am curious to see the development. 

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